How can I prepare my child for an accelerated math course in high school?

An accelerated math course can be a tough task for your child that demands multiple efforts. If your child is good at mathematics, you can make their studies more comfortable. Help your child focus on the studies – get rid of all distractions like mobile phone, laptop, video games and social media, everything that can draw the attention away. Make sure that the room for studying is quiet, cozy and will boost concentration. Arrange a realistic study schedule for your child to study regularly and productively – you may even come up with some special rewards for well done tasks .

Prepare visual aids to clear up details and doubtful moments. Different mnemonic devices can be useful in making the material more memorable and visualizing learning issues. Don’t let your child work without any breaks – this is a counterproductive way of preparation. Breaks are essential to maintaining a healthy studying and relaxing memory processes. If there are other children who want to take an accelerated Math course, you can arrange a study group. This is an efficient way to practice the subject and discuss unclear mathematic issues with other students.

How can I prepare me to make the exam in high school?

To pass well the final exams in high school, you should organize your time and efforts to achieve the greatest results. To-do list or a schedule will be useful to cover small pieces of material daily and regularly. Eventually, when your exam is around the corner, you just have to revise the material. Don’t postpone your preparation – an all-nighter won’t help you to grasp everything your exams require. Your best choice is to get ready in advance. Take notes every time you study a new topic or chapter. This will teach you to stress the most valuable material plus it will create a basis for further revision – it’s easier to revise brief summaries on the subject than a forty-page chapter. Another good technique is to create flashcards on a difficult topic. And don’t neglect the revision of studied material as it’s your chance to clear out all vague points. If any misunderstandings or questions arise, go straight to your professor for explanation and advice. Take care of your mental and physical health. Eat food and products that enhance your memory. Have a long refreshing sleep and don’t sit cramming information till 3 in the morning – sleep deprivation can harm your thinking abilities.

How can I prepare for college while in high school?

High school years is the most fruitful and productive time in your academic life. Don’t waste it in vain – prepare for your college education. If you are a soon-to-be student, it will be of great use to take special college preparation courses. Choose the subjects you are keen on or good at to enhance your application. Don’t leave behind your extracurricular activities to show your social and communication skills as it’s a proper way to show that you are a well-rounded personality. Sing in a choir, play football, take trombone classes, explore natural stones – do whatever you’re up to. Make your social activities more offline than online. Don’t spend too much time on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) as you will waste precious time on idle talks that give you nothing.

Take your education seriously – do your best to understand every subject and get good positive grades. If additional assistance or explanations are needed, do not hesitate to contact professors. Dedicate some time to reading fiction and non-fiction books – they will help you to broaden your knowledge and outlook. Plus reading habit will be of great use in college where there are numerous reading assignments. Forget about cramming things without any understanding of the subject. You are sure to get tired faster – it’s complicated just to “store” material in your head – but this knowledge won’t stay long in your exhausted mind. Prepare short summaries or flash cards on a chosen topic to revise information quickly and train your memory.